SAGA Veneers is a renowned trading company based in UAE committed to the efficient distribution of the world's finest natural renewable resource… wood products. We import, export and trade in veneers and glues.

Our firm is flooded with a stream of bona-fide customers both in domestic and overseas markets Besides, we are equipped with a wide range of natural veneers in buffer-stock, which enable the project to make time-bound deliveries and instill formidable confidence among the benevolent customers, in the past. Moreover, our sustained enthusiasm and full-fledged experience to select “what the customer needs”, has helped us to establish supremacy in the field of veneer business.

We offer species for the furniture sector such as Beech, steamed or red hearted, Ash, Alder and Birch. The spectrum of colors ranges from light tones to beige and reddish nuances, up to a moderate brown. Also species like Dar Walnut, dark Oak Tropical species, such as Zebrawood, Rosewood, Teak or Wenge are also available.