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We are renowned trading company based in UAE committed to the efficient distribution of the world’s finest natural renewable resources wood products.

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Natural veneer is a unique material sliced from logs that is influenced by an individual tree's reaction to its soil composition, geographic location and other growing conditions throughout the duration of its growth. The intrinsic patterns and markings in natural veneers aren't altered or enhanced in any way, making each natural veneer from a tree an individual work of art.


These veneers are made by slicing artificial logs made from light-color softer hardwoods, such as Basswood, Obeche, or Poplar. These logs are manipulated by slicing methods, gluing schemes and color staining in order to create a new man-made log. Reconstituted wood veneer is created with consistency using real wood from natural, renewable sources. It mimics your favorite wood veneer species and is free from natural defects. This veneer is the perfect solution for the eco-friendly consumer